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Joined on October 10, 2012

Utterly confused by people who admit that the IRI is a repressive theocracy that commits atrocities, while condemning Iranians who are calling for an end to said theocracy.—Nazanin Boniadi, Hollywood Actress
The United States should not implore its allies to share the Middle East with Iran, as former President Barack Obama did, but partner with them in defeating the clerical imperialists.—Mariam Memarsadeghi
For Jews and non-Jews who love peace and abhor war, standing in solidarity with the people of Iran protesting today is moral and just. We as American Jews must today recall the gift of freedom the ancient Persian king, Cyrus the Great, granted us from the bondage of Babylonian captivity, and in turn stand with his descendants in Iran who today are seeking the world’s support to free themselves from their own yoke of radical Islamic bondage and oppression.—Karmel Melamed, Iranian Jewish journalist, activist and attorney
Having served the Islamic Republic dutifully for 17 years, Trita Parsi is finally stepping down as head of NIA Council. As of August 1, Jamal Abdi will serve as the IRI's chief lobbyist in the US. Congrats to all (except the Iranian people.)—Kaveh Shahrooz, Canada based lawyer
At one time I thought there is a moderate faction of Islamic Republic which is a shade better than the despicable hardliners. But either such a thing does not exist or they are powerless. IRI is the hardliners. The whole Regime must go.—Firouz Naderi, Former NASA Mars Exploration Program Manager.
Hmmm. Let’s see how many front page newspaper stories this hugely important story gets in the West. But with coverage or not, Tick Tock. Countdown to more upheaval by brave Iranian people sick of their corrupt regime.—Seth M. Siegel
FBI investigating chemical attack on Iran leading dissident trade unionist Osanlou after an attacker sprayed him in NYC. Silencing dissidents through assassination and terror?—Kambiz Foroohar, Bloomberg News'
Many regime foundations are closely tied to security forces and clerics directing systematic human rights abuses in Iran. If US want to use sanctions smartly, it should focus on wealth of elite both in Iran & abroad.—Alireza Nader
Only a 'moderate' Foreign Minister can tell outrageous lies about the situation of Baha’is and forced hijab with complete confidence that no one in English speaking world would bother to ridicule him as they did with AhmadiNejad. Iranians are however, calling him Zarif Liar.—Shadi Sadr, Human Rights Lawyer, Feminist, Executive Director-Justice for Iran (JFI)
From New Yorker to Face The Nation, it’s as if it’s unprofessional, biased or impolite to ask [Zarif] about the very obvious: Iran Protests ! Shame!!—Mariam Memarsadeghi