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The murder of the [Iranian] electrician on Hendrik Marsmanstraat, for all that it was a tragedy for his family and an infringement of Dutch sovereignty, may well prove to be merely a fleeting glimpse into the brutal world of realpolitik.—Guardian newspaper
In the Iran of my childhood, “God” took the form of judicial amputations, floggings, scowling ayatollahs and secret police. As I entered pubescence, I was first puzzled, then repelled by the double lives led by people under an Islamist regime. My parents, our friends and relatives - they all had to profess one set of values in public (to keep their heads, naturally) while they lived very different lives behind closed doors. If God required this hypocrisy, then I wanted nothing to do with him.—Sohrab Ahmari, op-ed editor of the New York Post
Today, EU issued its first sanctions against the Iranian regime since the Iran deal, and the Netherlands disclosed that Iran directed the assassinations of two Dutch nationals in 2015 and 2017. This follows Denmark and France foiling two Iranian terrorist attacks in 2018.—Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State
During the first days of my detainment I was punched, kicked, beaten, and tortured nearly to death without a word of explanation and for no reason at all.—Ismail Bakhshi, Iran labor activist
Reza Shah was first Iranian monarch in 1400 years to pay respect to the Jews by praying in the synagogue when visiting the Jewish community of Isfahan; an act that...made Reza Shah their second most respected Iranian leader after Cyrus the Great. —Miriam Memarsadeghi, co-founder/co-director Tavaana
Iran plans to fire off Space Launch Vehicles with virtually same technology as ICBMs. The launch will advance its missile program. US, France, UK & Germany have already stated this is in defiance of UNSCR 2231. We won't stand by while the regime threatens international security.—Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State
When did we say we want to annihilate Israel? Find one person that has said so. Nobody has said that.—Seyed Mohammad-Javad Zarif Khansari
Why doesn’t Trita Parsi say anything about his close ties to this so-called “Iranian Ambassador”? For some time now several EU MP’s have said this guy is a terrorist agent working for Iran. Trita please tell us about how Javad Zarif brought the 2 of you together in 2007?—Saman Arbabi
I commend PM Edi Rama’s expulsion of two Iranian agents who plotted terrorist attacks in Albania. European nations have thwarted three Iranian plots this year alone. The world must stand together to sanction Iran’s regime until it changes its destructive behavior.—Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State
The costs to Iran incurred by sanctions are nowhere near the damage wrought by government repression, mismanagement, corruption, and injustice.—Suzanne Maloney, Center for Middle East Policy & Deputy Director of Brookings