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Easy money

Islamic Republic promised to defend downtrodden, but instead subsidizes privilege & indolence of own elite’s children. Persian educational video covers corruption which lets these “Aghazadeh”, create economic cartels & make easy money.

Deprived females

Two female political prisoners in Iran in a joint letter have announced a three-day hunger strike in protest to being deprived of medical care.

Human rights activist Narges Mohammadi and British-Iranian dual citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliff have complained that, despite international and Iranian laws and their repeated pleas, their right to receive medical care has been denied.

11 years for Yekta

Nazanin Binaidi:

Member of Iran’s Bahai Community Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison. There are currently 60 Bahais who have been imprisoned by the Iranian authorities solely because of their faith.

On December 16, a Revolutionary Court in Iran sentenced Yekta Fahandezh-Saadi, a member of the Bahai community in Shiraz, capital of the southern province of Fars, to 11 years in prison. The court found Ms. Fahandezh-Saadi guilty of “colluding against the Islamic Republic” and “undermining the country’s national security.” The court also ordered her assets and belongings to be seized and turned over to the government.

Political prisoners

Kudos to Shabnam


As a , Shabnam Raayai Ardakani, is systemically denied post secondary education in . Instead, she went to & graduated with a PhD in mechanical engineering and just became the 2nd woman ever to receive the Fluid Dynamics award.


AFP - The appointment of President Hassan Rouhani's son-in-law as head of Iran's geological survey has renewed accusations of nepotism...
The appointment of Kambiz Mehdizadeh Farsad, in his early thirties and reportedly married to Rouhani's daughter in a low-key wedding this August, was widely criticized by Iranians on social media.


Savage interrogation

Prominent Iranian unionist and member of the syndicate of the workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane complex, Ali Nejati, was taken to hospital on December 13, after "being harshly pressured under interrogation", the syndicate reported.
"Nejati is suffering from heart complication," the syndicate reiterated on its Telegram channel, adding, "he is suffering from several illnesses, including heart problems, and keeping him behind bars might seriously endanger his life."
Ali Nejati was arrested on Thursday, November 29 and his attorney, Farzaneh Zilabi, said that her client has been charged with "disrupting public order", "collusion and assembly against national security" and "cooperation in establishing a group intended to disrupt peace and security".
According to the syndicate, security forces stormed Nejati's house without presenting any legal warrants and arrested Mr. Nejati, his son, Payman, and his guest with force and violence. After interrogation, Mr. Nejati’s son and his guest were released, but Mr. Nejati remained in custody.
Furthermore, the syndicate has called upon all trade unions and relevant institutions in Iran and across the world to support Nejati and a young civil rights activist and journalist, Ms. Sepideh Qolian, who was arrested alongside him.

Earlier, the syndicate had also reported that the representative of the workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane mill, Esmaeil Bakhshi, and Ms. Qolian were under mental and physical pressure.
Bakhshi was released on Wednesday, December 12, while Ms. Qolian is still behind bars.
Workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane complex are currently on strike, demanding overdue wages and demanding the return of their plant's ownership to the Public Sector.

Iranian Bobby Sands

Vahid Nasiri, Iranian political prisoner, died of hunger strike, just like how Bobby Sands died. 


Billionaire General

U.S. State Dept:

This Iranians have much to despair about. Their government is full of corrupt hypocrites. Meet Sadegh Mahsouli—The Billionaire General. Somehow he had a knack for winning lucrative construction and oil contracts from IRGC businesses. He is now worth billions.

Sultan of Sugar

U.S. State Dept:

Unfortunately, this is a reminder for Iranians that their government is full of corrupt hypocrites. Meet Grand Ayatollah Makaram Shirazi—The Sultan of Sugar. He made millions flooding the market with expensive imported sugar, putting Iranian people out of work.