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reuters: Israel targets rights groups with bill to outlaw filming of soldiers - Of course ZioNazi does not want the world to see their crimes against humanity.

Politico: Trump ambassador blocks scrutiny of Israel - True definition of a rouge State

Independent: United Nations condemns Israel for 'excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force' against Palestinians - Yet the ZioNazi military continues to murder Palestinians with impunity

independent: I spoke to Palestinians who still hold the keys to homes they fled decades ago – many are still determined to return - BDS until ZioNazi military out of Palestine

NYPOST: Canadians boycott US products, cancel vacations to America - Thanks to the charlatan in cheif

slate: Forget Russia. Maybe It’s the U.S. That Doesn’t Belong at the G-7 - Looks like the slogan needs to be "make America isolate d"

independent: Robert De Niro repeatedly shouts 'f*** Trump' at Tony Awards, receives standing ovation - The right message is sent

Aljazeera: Living under siege in Gaza: 'We live in a prison' - ZioNazi prison, the world has learned nothing from the lesson of WWII and Nazi

Independent: Israeli army edits video of Palestinian medic its troops shot dead to misleadingly show she was 'human shield for Hamas' - ZioNazi propaganda to cover their crime back fires

chicagotribune: Israeli troops kill 3 Palestinians, wound hundreds more in latest protest at Gaza border: officials - ZioNazi killing spree